We are proud to announce the new acquisition of Esperranzza.  This outstanding mare will join our halter team and Jamie Hagale in the Amateur Mare division this season.  She...

April 19, 2022
Queen Ayda FWM

Queen Ayda is a remarkable show horse and we look forward to competing with her this year in the Amateur Halter arena.  We also look forward to all she...

February 13, 2023
Breathless Heir DGL

We are excited about one of our newest acquisitions from renowned breeders, Maroon Fire Arabians…Breathless Heir DGL. We look forward to introducing her to the show ring late this...

March 17, 2022
Jane Heir SMA

We are sure Jane Heir SMA will make an incredible contribution to both our show ring roster as well as wonderful future producer for the Hagale Family Arabians breeding...

June 27, 2023
Hazelnut BF

We are so excited about this mare and all of the potential she shows in the Country English Pleasure division. She is a strong addition to the show string,...

July 6, 2021
Guinevere CRF

We are excited to have acquired this youngster from the outstanding breeding program of Cedar Ridge Arabians and we look forward to all she will bring to our program...

February 18, 2022
Loves Divine

Loves Divine is new to the Hagale Family Arabians collection and we look forward to watching her mature and enter the show ring in the years ahead.  Sired by...

October 25, 2021
CSP Adriana

CSP Adriana has a history of great accomplishments in English Pleasure at the Regional and National level, including being named 2018 Reserve National Champion Arabian English Pl AAOTR 40...

June 15, 2021
HA Contesa Of Toskcany

This beautiful Arabian mare has been added to the Hagale Family show horse roster and future breeding program and will be competing in the purebred Country English Pleasure Junior...

July 23, 2022
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